Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whats the next step after friendship?

I would say that I have a pretty healthy social life. Between the wife and I, we plan or get an invite to a lunch, a dinner, or some other activity almost everyday. I have about 20 people that I would call close friends that I see on a regular basis. Which leads me to my main thought tonight... What comes after friendship?

As far as I know there really is no other step after friendship unless one is talking about a significant other and then marriage is the next step. That is not what I am getting at though, I am referring to friendships that have developed and matured into near siblinghood.

It seems like I've known my friends now for so long that they've become more like brothers and sisters than just friends. I care about what is going on in their lives like my brothers and sisters, I know just what to say to make them mad or to make their day. So what do I call these people in my life? Friendlings? Broends and Fristers? For now I'm sticking with 'friends' until better terminology is invented.

So here is to great friends and family that make life more fulfilling!

-Just Ben Shewell

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