Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Today A Blog Was Born

In preparation to writing this blog I have been thinking about blogs and their various purposes. It seemed important for me to understand the purpose of blogs in order to accurately assess whether or not I had anything blog worthy to say. Obviously I have decided that I do have blog worthy ideas and thoughts or else I wouldn't be writing this. In the end however, you and other readers will actually make that decision for me.

In my research I found there are journal-like blogs, humorous blogs, informative blogs, and many other types as well. With some blog types, such as informative or how-to blogs, I can clearly see their purpose and value to the reader. Journal-like blogs seem to be an emotional and creative outlet for the writer and a can be a source of inspiration, entertainment, or more to the reader.

The only blog type that really appealed to me as a writer and as a person is the editorial type. In editorial type blogs the writer expresses an opinion. Sometimes the writer's intent is to persuade the reader to align their opinions with the writer's opinions. Other times the writer just has something to say and doesn't care who knows it. I have a plethora of opinions so this seemed like the best blog option for me.

So if you read this blog please understand that I am just a man with an opinion and you may not always agree with me. But you can depend on me to tell you what I honestly think and why I think that way.

-Just Ben Shewell

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